Established in 2016, The Science Art Lab+ (SAL+) is a creative research laboratory located within the Creative Exchange Institute (CxI) at the University of Tasmania (UTAS).  SAL+ fosters and supports interdisciplinary research projects and collaborations across creative art, design, health, science, engineering and the humanities.  SAL+ is also actively engaged in community outreach programs that link STEM disciplines with the creative industries.

Supporting inter- and cross-disciplinary collaboration at the nexus of art, design, science and technology…

Many of today’s research questions cut across traditional disciplinary, departmental and faculty boundaries. Examples include biomedicine, philosophy of mind, energy, the environment and information. However, the opportunities for major discoveries are found quite commonly at the interfaces between traditionally distinct subject areas.  Strong core disciplines therefore need to be combined with mechanisms to promote inter- and cross- disciplinary collaboration. CxI and SAL+ build upon the University’s current research strengths by networking our activity and encouraging intellectual cross-fertilisation.

SAL+ has three key research areas that focus on health, public engagement and critical inquiry:

ARTS HEALTH: Creative arts in health management, disease prevention and wellbeing.

ART SCIENCE: Interdisciplinary research methodologies, STEAM education models and art-science projects.

CRITICAL FUTURES: Critical and speculative engagements with new and emerging technologies.

One of the key roles of SAL+ is to support the development of research projects and public engagement opportunities across different disciplines, faculties and institutes at UTAS and partner organisations.  We endeavor to provide incentives for the development of new research at such interfaces and ensure that administrative barriers are eliminated.  The sharing of resources, advanced facilities, and collections is a useful way of developing research interdisciplinarity by bringing together individuals who have common needs.

SAL+ is a University-wide research area within CxI.  We invite contributions that address our key research priorities and themes from researchers from any faculty or disciplinary area within UTAS, as well as national and international creative, community or research organisations.

If you are interested in becoming a SAL+ member or partner organisation please contact us.