SAL+ currently has three active research areas that connect to the University of Tasmania’s key strategic research themes across Environment, Resources and Sustainability; Creativity, Culture and Society; Marine, Antarctic and Maritime; Better Health and Data, Knowledge and Society.


Arts Health is driven to look at human health differently and focuses on the role of the creative arts, architecture and design in health management, disease prevention and wellbeing.


Art Science focus on the development of new interdisciplinary research and STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) education models and approaches to community art-science engagements.


Critical Futures engages with the concept of the Posthuman and  new geological era of the Anthropocene to examine the interconnections between the arts and sciences and ethical implications of new and emerging technologies.

Research Area Contact: Dr Anne-Marie Forbes.

Research Area Contact(s): Professor Kit Wise; Dr Svenja Kratz; Dr Bill Hart.

Research Area Contact(s): Dr Svenja Kratz; Dr Bill Hart.

Areas of particular interest include: STEAM Education; Cell and Tissue Culture; Genetic Engineering; Synthetic Biology; Biofabrication; Virtual Reality Technologies; Embodied Robotics; Data Visualisation; Animal StudiesArtificial Intelligence; Biophilosophy; Critical and Tranformation DesignPosthumanism; Bioethics; Environmental ConservationCitizen Science and Biohacking.

If you would like to know more, or are interested in working with us or contributing to one of our research areas, please contact us.